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Why can't I get a report that is RIGHT?!

Could this be what is happening at your nonprofit?  Staff members all enter  data differently, there are spelling errors, inconsistent data values and some fields may not have data entered at all. Sometimes staff members forget to see if there is already a record in the system and do not realize they are creating duplicates. Inconsistent field data and inconsistent use of an application can wreak havoc with your data.  At any rate, now your data is a mess.


In addition to your application which stores your data in a database, you also have some data in Excel files that contain related or similar information and really should be combined with your application data.  Data nightmare?  We can help by adding duplicate rules, picklists to replace some text fields, required fields, data validation rules, formula fields and automated data entry in Salesforce.  Contact us today if you are having problems with reports due to bad data.



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