Why can't I get a report that is RIGHT?!

So your last three data entry staff members all entered data in a different way, whether it was how they entered data into fields or how they used the application in general.  Inconsistent field data and inconsistent use of an application process can wreak havoc with your data.  Oh and that second data entry staff member... pssst her spelling wasn't too great so perhaps that was why she didn't find duplicates and then entered so many misspelled duplicates. At any rate, now your data is a mess.


In addition to your application which stores your data in a database, you also have some data in Excel files that contains similar info and really should be combined with your application data.  And hey, that office that your company acquired a few months ago uses a whole different application so there's that too.  Data nightmare?  We can help.  


Early in my IT career I was given an assignment to take the data from 60 offices all over the U.S. all in separate and different legacy applications and migrate it to a central application.  (This was before cloud applications became so popular).  That was my introduction to data cleanup and through the years I had extensive hands on experience with many many data cleanup efforts.  I became a certified Oracle DBA as many of the data cleanup efforts culminated in a load to Oracle databases.  Now I would like to offer that experience to your company to help you get your data cleaned up; whether it is for more accurate reporting or for a migration to a new solution you are implementing.  Please contact us for more information.

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