5 Cost Effective Salesforce Apps to Enhance Salesforce Non Profit Success Pack


Nonprofit organizations need to make the most of resources and that includes time and money.  We've identified some low cost apps to help your make the most of your Salesforce org.

1)  Cloud Coach Milestones -  This is a lightweight project management app that is native to Salesforce (it doesn't link out to another website).  There are both free and paid versions of this app.  The free version handles most simple project management needs.

2) Campaign Monitor -  Campaign Monitor is a feature rich mass email marketing app. Features include the ability to design beautiful emails including the ability to design background with colors and add images throughout, links, text, social media buttons, opt out and more. This app  seamlessly uses Salesforce contact and lead lists to populate the Campaign Monitor emailing lists. You do need to have a Campaign Monitor account which is affordable and also discounted for non profits.

3) Spanning Backup - Don't wait until something happens to your data before you think about backup, it can be very expensive if you have to hire a consultant or Salesforce to to restore data from your org.  The Spanning Backup app is very intuitive and users can easily recover data, whether just a few records or an entire object.  This app is affordable and discounted for non profits.

4) Form Assembly -  Online forms are a breeze with Form Assembly.  This easy to use app lets you create beautiful forms and seamlessly integrates with your Salesforce objects.  You can also integrate a payment processor with your forms. Discounted for non profits and licenses are based on the number of users who will be creating forms. 

5) Click & Pledge - Event Management  and Donor Management  Manage all of your event details such as selling tickets, printing tickets, check-in attendees as well as all of your online fundraising needs with Click & Pledge.  This software is well thought out to integrate with Salesforce and provide a full palette of features including peer to peer fundraising and more.