A Sales Tool for Nonprofits?? The Perfect Match!



Why would a nonprofit want to use a sales tool, and not just any sales tool but the world's best-of-the-best sales platform?  Because good nonprofits know that they need to run like a for-profit business.  They know that their process of fundraising and strategic management is the same blueprint as for a sales team and for-profit business. At the highest level, cultivation of donors is not unlike cultivation of potential customers. Campaigns for fundraising (such as events) are not unlike promotional campaigns for sales teams (such as trade shows).  Pipeline and forecasting for opportunities (nonprofits read that sponsorships, donations, memberships, grants etc.) is as crucial to a nonprofit as to a for-profit business.




Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack was designed specifically for the needs of nonprofits from the "blueprint" of the Salesforce Sales Cloud.  Additional functionality specific to nonprofits is delivered in the free Volunteer (V4S) app that offers management of volunteer jobs, job shifts, matching of jobs with volunteer skills, matching of volunteer availability to shifts, tracking of hours and relating volunteer jobs and hours to campaigns and not least of all online entry of volunteer hours and signup for jobs and shifts, and a personal view for volunteers of their volunteer activity with an organization.



For those nonprofits managing reported issues and cases, (call-in, email-in, in-person), the functionality of Salesforce Service Cloud is at your fingertips with logged issues, assignments, escalation, and more.

Schedule some time to talk with us and discuss why the world's #1 sales tool should also be your #1 choice for a fundraising, grant management, CRM and volunteer management platform.  Should you look at Salesforce NPSP because they offer 10 free licenses to qualified nonprofits (valued at $18,000 per year)?  Emphatically NO.  You should look at the Salesforce solution because it will deliver the very best system to strategically manage your organization with automated processes, analytic reporting, validated data, constituent relationship management, structured processes, donation tracking, grant management, and volunteer management.