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Extending Functionality of Infinite Options App


There are cases where the option/variant features of Shopify just don't work well enough on their own to accommodate what you need in your shopping cart.  Enter the Infinite Options app.  This is a fantastic, well thought out app that can make your life soooo much easier.  However, when we first were reviewing whether this app would work for one of our stores, we had an uh-oh moment because we were told that the pricing had to link to a product price or product variant price.  Well, we have pricing that does not relate to an actual product such as an upgrade for a particular fabric on a bedding ensemble bed skirt.

So, we set out to rethink how we might approach this dilemma since the features of infinite options covers much more than what is available in Shopify to meet our needs.  Here is the solutions that we came up with that we think works great!

We use a "dummy" product that is never seen by customers.  In most cases you would name the product "Options" (we will talk about naming it something else later).  Then you would set up options/variants for the pricing you want to place on a drop down selection.  For example you may want to add an upcharge for adding trim on a jacket and you've used up your three options in Shopify for Size, Color and Fabric.  You want your drop down label to say "Add Trim" and your selections to be "No Thanks" and "Add Contrasting Trim" .   Set up your option as "Option" (instead of size or color etc.) and your variant will be "Add Contrasting Trim" with a price of $20.

Finish by setting up an option in Infinite Options to display a label of "Add Trim".  You make two options (I usually use dropdowns)  The first option is "No Thanks" and the next option is "Add Contrasting Trim + $20".  Now you need to link that option to a price so you link it to your Options product and find the "Add Contrasting Trim" variant.  That's it. 

You can now set any number of products to use that "Add Trim" Infinite Option setup.


1) Do not put a description on your fake product, that way they will not feed to Facebook.

2) To help control automatic feeds put "dummy" products into a category that does not get add to navigation so you can access them in one place and also control whether they are fed to sales channels.

3)  To keep from having the "dummy" products show up in search results see my blog post on hiding products from search results.


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