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Newsletter Signup on Your Website

There is nothing more annoying than having a popup request signup before you have even seen the home page of a website.  So how should we go about collecting newsletter emails from our websites?  There are a couple of ways to do this which I have recently been revisiting. 


If you have an eCommerce website collecting newsletter signups can be a little more "forward" by emailing customers who have purchased items on your website.  The request for newsletter signup can be included in the purchase confirmation email or can be sent separately.  A signup can be placed on the check out page.


But how do you get customers who have not yet purchased or if you have a website that is not eCommerce enabled to signup for your newsletter?  You can put a link or field in the footer of your website, but that often gets overlooked.  If you want to be more bold about your signup request you can make a "section" on the home page that is not the footer and is attractive and yet very visible for newsletter signups.  Or, you can add a popup on your blog pages or contact us pages.  Or, you can add a popup that is configured to be less obnoxious than at first visit to your home page. 

For example, I have recently installed the Shopify app "Email Marketing by Omnisend" which allows you to configure the timing of popups based on duration of visit or pages visited before the popup triggers.  I have configured it to popup when visitors have visited 5 pages of the website.  Note that Omnisend is not just for Shopify.  You can use it on other websites as well.


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