Video for Marketing - You Need It... But How?!

Today's websites, social media and communications (yes email) are becoming increasingly dependent on capturing and enhancing attention with video marketing.  Add video to your blogs, add video of client testimonials, add video of your production process, add video of your events add video wherever you are saying to yourself... how are we going to further interact in a positive way with customers, clients, and patients.

What that means to many business owners who are expert in their fields but know very little about adding video is that you have a huge learning hurdle or you have to hire a professional or come up with an easy peasy way to accomplish this seemingly difficult feat.  While I am definitely a proponent of finding a good videographer in your area to create exciting professional videos,  I am currently testing out a DIY product for when you just need to create a little extra zip in your marketing.  I am trying  Wistia from  They have both a free and a paid version and I'm testing out the free version for starters.  I'm going to give it a try and update you as soon as I confirm that it is all I think it is going to be.  So far I"M IMPRESSED

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