About Webfactory Solutions

Welcome!  I'm Shelley Wardwell, owner of Webfactory Solutions. A number of years ago I went from a large team of corporate IT professionals to a small 2 person IT team at a non profit organization.  I was tasked with implementing a number of different software packages to manage recruiting, facility maintenance, an intranet, eCommerce, fundraising and client management.  Wow!  I'm the kind of person that welcomes a challenge, to me it was like a blank canvas on which to create a masterpiece. I did implement solutions for all of those separate functions.  However, try as I might the integration that needed to happen between the various software packages was bulky and too much for people who wore many hats in the non profit organization.  


  I'm here to tell you that one of the most important things I have learned in my extensive technical career is that one size does not fit all.  One of the most important objectives of any project is listening.  Every client and business process is different.  Our goal is to listen to our clients and ask the right questions.  

Our team consists of people who have worked in the non profit arena in various capacities.  When you hire us to do your implementation, you are not just hiring technical resources, you are hiring people who have worked in a non profit organization.  They know how important it is to reach your fundraising goals.