Copy of About Our Team


Dylan Wardwell

Certified Salesforce Consultant

Dylan currently lives in New London, CT and joins the team with a Marketing degree from University of Connecticut and a rich background in retail business ownership. Dylan offers valuable analytical skills in Salesforce solution design.

Melissa Morales

Certified Salesforce Consultant

Melissa currently lives in New London, CT and is highly skilled in FormAssembly online form development. Melissa brings with her a wealth of website design and eCommerce experience. Compounding her website and form skills with training in Salesforce she offers a rich skill set for Webfactory Solutions

Crissa Hedding

Crissa currently lives in New London, CT. Crissa has an extensive background in the service industries and is focused on your success as a Webfactory client. From initial contact through completion of your project and beyond you will be delighted with Crissa as your customer success liason!