Your Dream Machine

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It would be nice if there were a machine for your organization that could create extra time for high-impact, mission-focused activities and produce more money to run your programs and services.

There is.

We can build your Dream Machine with Salesforce;  an exceptional solution customized exclusively for you by our highly experienced and certified professionals.  


Together we can design a Salesforce solution just for YOU! 


Working together with organizations, we have found a number of ways to help organizations redirect time spent on administrative tasks to time for high-impact, mission-focused activities. Salesforce automation can simplify your workstream and give you back time for your programs and services..

The solution we design together can help your organization  address many areas of nonprofit management. With Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud you will gain valuable insight into constituent engagement.  We can implement a better way to manage funding requests such as scholarships, vouchers and other assistance that you provide.  We can design a better way to manage volunteering at your organization.  Using the Program Management Module feature we  can provide a way to track program outcome and attendance.

At Webfactory Solutions, we design, implement and support Salesforce solutions to help nonprofit organizations achieve their mission.


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