The Arc Eastern CT Addresses Microenterprise Deliveries

Salesforce Consulting


The Arc Eastern CT uses Salesforce Maps Implemented by Webfactory SolutionsThe Arc Eastern Connecticut has grown their microenterprise program and contacted us when they needed to create a more interactive bakery delivery process. After reviewing the requirements, Webfactory Solutions determined that Salesforce Maps with Click-to-Create would provide the best solution.

Salesforce Maps optimizes delivery routes and the mobile interface allows delivery staff to mark delivery orders complete, return product as needed, enter comments about the delivery and allow delivery staff to clock in and out at the vendor's site. In addition Salesforce Maps enables The Arc to add potential clients as leads if new businesses are identified on Salesforce Maps that meet filtered criteria such as "grocers".

Webfactory Solutions expanded this functionality to recycle bins that are picked up by different staff members. The bins are marked to the level of capacity and even tracked to determine placement changes.

Webfactory Solutions designed this solution around scalability. The Arc Eastern CT will be able to incorporate more features as this wonderful program continues with their successful growth.